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The Miners’ March

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May 19, 1920

The Matewan Massacre occurred

Aug 01, 1921

Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers were shot and murdered by Baldwin-Felts detectives at McDowell County Courthouse in Welch

Aug 07, 1921

5,000 miners met in Charleston to present demands to Governor Morgan

Aug 24, 1921

The Miners' March began

Other events that happened on or around August 24, 1921

Aug 25, 1921

Miners arrived at Blair Mountain in Logan County

Other events that happened on or around August 25, 1921

Aug 26, 1921

Billy Mitchell and the 88th squadron arrived in Charleston

Aug 28, 1921

Miners learned that deputies under command of Sheriff Don Chafin had killed five pro-union men

Aug 31, 1921

John Wilburn's group of miners met armed members of Sheriff Chafin's party on Blair Mountain

Other events that happened on or around August 31, 1921

Sep 01, 1921

The miners had captured half of the 25-mile mountain ridge and began descent upon Logan


Governor Morgan pardoned John Wilburn

Other events that happened on or around 1925

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