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e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia is the comprehensive reference resource for the Mountain State of West Virginia. Based on the best-selling West Virginia Encyclopedia, e-WV offers thousands of articles on West Virginia’s people and places, history, arts, science and culture.

e-WV is a project of the West Virginia Humanities Council.

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  • Luna Park On May 5, 1923, a fire started by welders destroyed most of this Charleston amusement park. Read More »

  • Opening night The Keith-Albee in Huntington showed its first movie on May 7, 1928, but it was the lavish theater itself that was the star of the show. Read More »

  • First Mother's Day The first official Mother's Day observance was held May 10, 1908, at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton and simultaneously in Philadelphia. Read More »

  • Hominy Falls On May 16, 1968, the final six miners were rescued after being trapped for ten days. Laws regulating preservation of mine maps were passed following this disaster. Read More »

  • Matewan Massacre May 19, 1920, police chief Sid Hatfield and angry miners confronted Baldwin-Felts agents on the streets of Matewan. A shootout left ten people dead. Read More »

  • Vandalia Gathering The Vandalia Gathering celebrates West Virginia’s heritage of music, dance, crafts, food, and folklore. The festival takes place Memorial Day weekend at the Culture Center and the adjoining grounds of the state capitol. Read More »

This Date in History

May 27, 1912: Samuel Jackson "Slammin' Sammy" Snead was born in Ashwood, Virginia


Legendary golfer Samuel Jackson ‘‘Slammin’ Sammy’’ Snead (May 27, 1912-May 23, 2002) was born at Ashwood, Virginia. A natural athlete, he excelled in sports in high school. He ran track and played baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and golf. After high school, he concentrated on golf.

In 1934, Snead became a golf professional and worked at the Upper Cascades course in Hot Springs, Virginia. After a year, he went to work as assistant golf professional at the nearby Homestead res...

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