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It's Official!

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

In addition to countless informal ties that bind us together, West Virginians have plenty of official state symbols. You know the state bird and state flower, right? How about the official state soil?

  1. What is the official West Virginia state insect?
    1. dragonfly
    2. ant
    3. monarch butterfly
    4. honeybee
  2. What are the official West Virginia state colors?
    1. green and white
    2. blue and gold
    3. red and yellow
    4. black and blue
  3. Which occupations are represented on the West Virginia state seal?
    1. medicine and law
    2. teaching and preaching
    3. farming and mining
    4. logging and railroading
  4. With what other place does West Virginia share the motto, “Montani semper liberi?”
    1. Switzerland
    2. Poland
    3. Great Britain
    4. Brazil
  5. What is the official West Virginia state animal?
    1. groundhog
    2. opossum
    3. white-tailed deer
    4. black bear
  6. What is the official West Virginia state soil?
    1. Ohio Valley glacial outwash
    2. Allegheny loam
    3. Opequon silty clay
    4. Monongahela silt loam
  7. What color is the cover of the West Virginia Legislature's official handbook?
    1. Blue
    2. Gold
    3. Green
    4. Red
  8. What is the official West Virginia state flower?
    1. dogwood
    2. Joe Pye weed
    3. redbud
    4. great rhododendron
  9. Which of the following songs is not an official West Virginia state song?
    1. "This Is my West Virginia"
    2. "The West Virginia Hills"
    3. "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
    4. "West Virginia, My Home, Sweet Home"
    5. "Salt Pork, West Virginia"
  10. What is the official West Virginia state bird?
    1. blue jay
    2. Robert C. Byrd
    3. northern cardinal
    4. black-capped chickadee