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Civil War

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

You know the Civil War led to the creation of West Virginia. See what else you know about the war.

  1. On what date did West Virginia enter the union?
    1. April 20, 1863
    2. December 31, 1862
    3. June 20, 1863
    4. October 24, 1861
  2. Which Confederate commander experienced a series of devastating military defeats in present West Virginia early in the Civil War?
    1. "Stonewall" Jackson
    2. J. E. B. Stuart
    3. James Longstreet
    4. Robert E. Lee
  3. Which one of the following Civil War era federal laws led directly to the creation of West Virginia University?
    1. Conscription Act
    2. Enrollment Act
    3. Homestead Act
    4. Morrill Act
  4. Which one of the following natural resources—found in many West Virginia caves— was used as a key ingredient in manufacturing gunpowder during the Civil War?
    1. Dolomite
    2. Guano
    3. Limestone
    4. saltpeter
  5. Which Cabell County native served in the U.S. and Confederate congresses and then as a Confederate brigadier general?
    1. "Stonewall" Jackson
    2. Albert Gallatin Jenkins
    3. Alexander Boteler
    4. John Echols
  6. Which one of the following towns was named for a Civil War general from present West Virginia?
    1. Fremont, California
    2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    3. McCausland, Iowa
    4. Reno, Nevada
  7. Which one of the following was NOT a goal of John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry?
    1. Disrupt the Confederacy’s ability to manufacture weapons
    2. Seize guns from the armory and arsenal
    3. Spark a local slave insurrection
    4. Arm enslaved African-Americans
  8. What was the nickname given to "Stonewall" Jackson's cousin William Lowther Jackson, who commanded the losing Confederate forces at the Battle of Droop Mountain?
    1. Drywall
    2. Haywall
    3. Mudwall
    4. Sandwall
  9. The largest surrender of U.S. forces during the Civil War occurred in what present West Virginia town?
    1. Charleston
    2. Harpers Ferry
    3. Philippi
    4. Wheeling
  10. What did the Willey Amendment accomplish?
    1. Gave women in West Virginia the right to vote
    2. Prohibited the manufacture or sale of alcohol in West Virginia
    3. Provided for the gradual emancipation of slaves in West Virginia
    4. Allowed incumbent governors to run for reelection