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There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Many famous people trace their roots to West Virginia. How much do you know about famous athletes, writers, and others?

  1. Who was the Nitro-born pitcher who led the Braves to victory over the Yankees in the 1957 World Series?
    1. Joey Jay
    2. Lew Burdette
    3. Pedro Martinez
    4. Randy Moss
  2. Which classic movie was based on a novel by Moundsville native Davis Grubb?
    1. North by Northwest
    2. The Bridge on the River Kwai
    3. The Night of the Hunter
    4. The Third Man
  3. What Clarksburg native served as secretary of state under President Jimmy Carter?
    1. Lewis Strauss
    2. Nathan Goff Jr.
    3. Newton Diehl Baker
    4. Cyrus Vance
  4. Which Morgantown native and author is known for popular novels like Flight of the Intruder and Under Siege?
    1. Jayne Anne Phillips
    2. Julia Davis
    3. Stephen Coonts
    4. Homer Hickam
  5. Who was the first native West Virginian elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame?
    1. Brad Paisley
    2. Buddy Starcher
    3. Kathy Mattea
    4. Little Jimmy Dickens
  6. This Wheeling native was one of the most highly regarded saxophonists of the jazz era.
    1. "Chu" Berry
    2. Coleman Hawkins
    3. Johnnie Johnson
    4. Lester Young
  7. Which of the following songs was inspired by Fairmont native Johnnie Johnson?
    1. “Frankie and Johnny”
    2. “Jackknife Johnny”
    3. “Johnny Angel”
    4. “Johnny B. Goode”
  8. Charles Lindbergh had a connection to West Virginia through:
    1. Father, Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr.
    2. Father-in-law, Dwight W. Morrow
    3. Grandson, Erik Lindbergh
    4. Mother, Evangeline Lodge Land
  9. What baseball player played with the old Charleston Senators and went on to the United States Senate?
    1. Hack Wilson
    2. Jim Bunning
    3. Lefty Grove
    4. Lew Burdette
  10. Ted Cassidy of Barbour County is best remembered for portraying which television character?
    1. Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch
    2. Eb Dawson on Green Acres
    3. Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family
    4. Lurch on The Addams Family