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Roads and Railroads

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Be transported: See how much you know about the state’s roads, bridges, and railroads.

  1. Constitutional amendments approved by West Virginia voters in 1920 and 1928 led to this development.
    1. Construction of Mountaineer Field
    2. Expansion of the state road system
    3. The Great Depression
    4. Tighter regulations on coal mining
  2. Bridge Day celebrates which famous West Virginia highway span?
    1. New River Gorge Bridge
    2. Silver Bridge
    3. Wheeling Suspension Bridge
    4. Brinkley Bridge
  3. Where was the last spike driven to complete the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad from Baltimore to the Ohio River?
    1. Fairfax Stone
    2. Harpers Ferry
    3. Hawks Nest
    4. Rosbys Rock
  4. Lemuel Chenoweth is best remembered for what type of construction?
    1. Banks
    2. Courthouses
    3. Covered bridges
    4. Roads
  5. Which one of the following railroads did not extend into the heart of southern West Virginia’s coalfields?
    1. Chesapeake and Ohio
    2. Coal and Coke
    3. Norfolk and Western
    4. Virginian
  6. Which one of the following major transportation routes did NOT pass through Wheeling?
    1. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
    2. National Road
    3. Northwestern Virginia Turnpike
    4. Ohio River
  7. In 1877, a national strike in which one of the following industries escalated into violence at Martinsburg?
    1. Coal
    2. Railroad
    3. Steel
    4. Textile
  8. What railroad found itself under construction in the middle of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud?
    1. Baltimore & Ohio Railway
    2. Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
    3. Coal & Coke Railway
    4. Norfolk & Western Railway
  9. Which was the last Interstate highway completed in West Virginia?
    1. Interstate 64
    2. Interstate 77
    3. Interstate 79
    4. Interstate 81
  10. Where does the song say that John Henry, West Virginia’s famous steel driver, defeated the steam drill?
    1. East River Mountain Tunnel
    2. Dingess Tunnel
    3. Stretchers Neck Tunnel
    4. Big Bend Tunnel