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West Virginiana

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

See how much you know about the Mountain State.

  1. Which of these apple varieties originated in West Virginia?
    1. Golden Delicious
    2. Macintosh
    3. Red Delicious
    4. Winesap
  2. What West Virginia native wrote the musical drama "Hatfields and McCoys"?
    1. Bill Withers
    2. Billy Edd Wheeler
    3. Kathy Mattea
    4. Louise McNeill
  3. What color is the cover of the West Virginia Legislature's official handbook?
    1. Blue
    2. Gold
    3. Green
    4. Red
  4. Which TWO of the following scenic attractions were used for military training during World War II?
    1. Blackwater Falls and Twin Falls
    2. Cranberry Glades and Spruce Knob
    3. New River Gorge and the Smoke Hole
    4. Dolly Sods and Seneca Rocks
  5. Jim Comstock founded which one of these?
    1. Concord University
    2. University of Charleston
    3. West Virginia University
    4. University of Hard Knocks
  6. Which of the following tall tale folk figures originated in West Virginia?
    1. Billy Muskrat
    2. Paul Bunyan
    3. Rocky Raccoon
    4. Tony Beaver
  7. Which of the following treats was invented in West Virginia?
    1. Cinnamon rolls
    2. Pecan rolls
    3. Pepperoni rolls
    4. Sushi rolls
  8. Which of the following generally is NOT considered to be one of the causes of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud?
    1. Civil War
    2. Disputed inheritance
    3. Romantic tryst
    4. Stolen pig
  9. Which of the following foods is NOT honored with a major festival in West Virginia?
    1. apple butter
    2. ramps
    3. strawberries
    4. parsnips
  10. Wayne County native Fanny Belle Fleming later gained renown as an entertainer using what pseudonym?
    1. “Bricktop”
    2. “Dagmar”
    3. Joanne Dru
    4. Blaze Starr