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TLesson Plans for West Virginia Studies

Eighth Grade


The Story of Statehood

The Two Constitutions

Learning about West Virginia's
Cities and Towns

Daily Lives and Culture of
Native Americans

Explorers of Western Virginia

Captured: Noteworthy West Virginians

French and Indian War in
Western Virginia

West Virginia and the Revolution

History of West Virginia's Glass Industry

Archaeological Study of Pioneer Forts

John Brown: Hero or Traitor?

Exploring West Virginia's
Parks and Forests

Civil War Battles in Western Virginia

History of Coal Mining in West Virginia

West Virginia's Natural Resources:
Which is Most Valuable?

West Virginia Mine Wars

Labor/Management Strategies

Music by Mountaineers

West Virginia in the Roaring 1920s

The Great Depression

Economic and Industrial Growth during World War II

Transportation's Role in West Virginia History

Landmark Events of the 20th Century

Recent World Events and West Virginia

Fairs and Festivals in West Virginia

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