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2leaf hodges says...

On 01/23/11
at 02:52 AM

Does anyone know of Indian ancestory from Teays Valley, the mountain ridges just above Hurricane? Also, does anyone know any ancestory of Indian history involving the family names of Davis or Hodges here?

Mary-Jacq Holroyd says...

On 07/08/14
at 03:40 AM

The proposition that the Native American tribes vanished in the 17th century is clearly incorrect as demonstrated by contemporaneous articles, diary entries, and history books. Available from google books. It is clear that many Tribes were present in WV without interruption. WV tribes included Monetons and Calicua (which are called WV Cherokee—and are a different population then the other Cherokee being bigger and paler). Many of the early settlers in southern WV were actually other tribes including the cherokee, Shawnee, Powhatan, Delaware, Mingo, Black Foot, minquas, and so forth who sought and found shelter among the other tribes, with the indigenous Cherokee, the People, being accomplished warriors. All you have to do is look at the relief on the facade of the mercer county courthouse to see depictions of the tribal population and the order in which they arrived. The first two being the indigenous local population, Cherokee (Calicua) and Moneton.

It is clearly a myth that WV was magically uninhabitted in the 17th century. WV is a vast ridge and valley system with excellent food resources. There is no way indigenous people were not scattered throughout the state, and there was no way anyone could find them. Contemporaneous reports of indigenous activity on the New and Kanawah, including war parties of cherokee accompanying the English, or the French, or the new Americans. There is a diary depiction of a group of soldiers attempting to sack Pittsburg who were accompanied by a group of Cherokee men during skirmishes between the English and French.

In fact, the territory bounding the Cumberland Pass with forts along them to protect the passage from the savages is east river mountain—the savages being I the territory bounded by the WV border along the big sandy, the ohio, the entire New river and Kanawha river and east river mountain. The other side was bounded by forts along present day route 64. Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket fought the local indigenous population along the Cumberland pass (which follows 81 through souther virginia).

teresa stamp says...

On 06/18/15
at 10:18 AM

A local coal operator here in Harrison County was building a golf course. While moving earth, equipment operators uncovered an Indian village. It was reported that there were innumerable Indian artifacts found. The operators were told to bulldoze everything. Several of the operators were able to retrieve some items, I personally have a spearhead found there.

judy (Mounts) Bruck says...

On 01/23/19
at 05:12 PM

I am the granddaughter of Douglas Mounts, I have been trying to find out about my Native American Ancestors. I have been told that my great grandmother was full bloodied Native American. Can anyone help me. I do understand that my grandfather was involved with the Coal miners fight. If anyone can help me please. open for any questions that I can answer. thank you and willing to give out my phone and email. thank you

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