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Note: This discussion is related to the P. D. Strausbaugh article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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Richard Curry says...

On 11/12/14
at 07:50 PM

I had the privilege of meeting Professor Strausbaugh on the west coast USA in the 1960’s. I recall he taught us that a tree we had in our yard was an elderberry tree, and that the tiny red berries were edible. I was able to recognize them on a visit to the Pacific Ocean coast in Washington State about 2 years ago, and remembered his botany lesson. I was named for West Virginian native of Greenbrier County and Professor of US History at University of Connecticut, Richard O. Curry, Ph. D. Professor Strausbaugh was my great uncle in law via his marriage to my grandmother’s sister, Dora Atkinson. Just today I toured community gardens near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California (where I live), and memories of Professor Strausbaugh in relation to such gardens prompt this posting.

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