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Note: This discussion is related to the Golden Delicious article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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Mira Danilovich says...

On 06/15/16
at 08:37 AM

Following the “Golden delicious” story, I noticed discrepancies in stating the year when the variety was discovered. It goes from 1891, 1912 to 1914. I am inclined to go with 1891, based on the story of a man who actually found the young seedling and cared for it for a few years before it become property of the Stark Brother Nursery. There is a great story written by Adrian Gwin of the Charleston Daily Mail back on October 18, 1962 ( According to the article it was not Andersen Mullins but J.M. Mullins who discovered the seedling while doing the chores for his father, L.L. Mullins on the pasture field. By J.M. Mullins’ account, the father “gave a piece of the farm” to his other sun B.W. Mullins and “later still, he traded the farm place with Uncle Anderson Mullins”…Anderson Mullins sent the apples to the Stark Brother’s Nursery who decided to buy the tree and all rights to further propagation. They introduced Golden delicious to the world in 1914.

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