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Note: This discussion is related to the Fools’ Parade article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Fools’ Parade

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Donna L Hudson says...

On 09/28/10
at 11:19 AM

Holly Griffith died in the West Virginia State Penitentiary and was buried at Whitegate Cemetery on Toms Run outside of Moundsville.

Steve Fesenmaiet says...

On 05/21/23
at 11:09 AM

This is an excellent description of one of the best films ever shot in WV. Most unfortunately, the film was never released on vhs or dvd. Grubbs niece told me because Ann Baxter didn’t sign off on releasing the film. I purchased a 16 mm film I of it in 1979 and screened it around the state including at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston as part of my last WV film series held at that remodeled theater. The man who provided the old cars for it was present at the showing intro ducked by George Daugherty. Turner Classic Films cable station showed the film for years on April Fools Day. It is WVs greatest “ lost” film. I hope someone releases it on dvd or another future format some day. The reviewer doesn’t mention that George Kennedy and Strother Martin had acted in the recent Paul Newman hit film, “ Cool Hand Luke”. So they were cast in reverse roles in this film, Jimmy Stewart’s last Hollywood film.

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