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Note: This discussion is related to the Mingo County article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Mingo County

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Margaret Sayre says...

On 01/15/20
at 05:51 PM

I noticed that it wasn’t mention of Logan/Mingo county being annexed from Kentucky and not Virginia when WV became a state during the civil war. My ancestors served the Kentucky legislation and was paid with land during that time as it was uncertain which currency was going to be valid at the end of the war.

Mike Keller says...

On 01/16/20
at 09:45 AM

The border between present West Virginia and Kentucky was already established when Kentucky became a state. Kentucky County was part of Virginia from 1776 to 1780. The counties that would become Logan and Mingo were part of Montgomery County, Virginia, from 1778-1789. The Big Sandy and Tug rivers had already been used to create a border between counties, which would eventually become the border of our state. Kentucky would become a state in 1792.

This map from the Interactive Mapping shows Montgomery County

This map shows Kentucky County

Margaret Sayre says...

On 01/16/20
at 11:01 AM

As that information couldn’t possibly be wrong as is my Aunt Pearl McCoy Hensleys books she wrote as to her personal memories as being alive and witnessing a large portion of the fued and both she and my mamaw bea were both teachers I’ll totally disregard the old deeds my ancestors were paid for their services in kentucky legislation and as I don’t think the Williamson wv library fragile maps that were salvaged from 1977 flood are online and family bible information will immediately all be disregarded. Sorry i know my humor probably comes out wrong in writing. But maps are prone to human error especially during those chaotic times. I grew up with Martin county ky. at my back door and mingo county out my front on the top of the banks of the tug. Much of the information of that area has partial truth and probably honest human error. Much like when Lewis and Clark came down the main tug and thought it was the levis branch because the Indians got them drunk.Truthfully the deeds transferred from Kentucky state to WV. There was a fued in my family for which my father’s full name was an attempt to pacify and resolve. It didn’t but his grandfather’s names were John Elijah Hensley and John Tomblin and both he and my brother are named John Hensley Tomblin. My grandmother eloped with my papaw who had a temper when he drank. My mamaw had 6 brothers who took him to the Logan county line and left him lay. Neither of my grandparents dated or remarried and my mamaw had his picture beside her bed until it was lost in 1977. Her house was condemned but because he had built it she was so upset my father painted over the demolition sign and the community came together and used house jacks and all sorts of extreme tactics for most of the homes could be moved back secure on their foundations. The little house that was built in a day where everyone stayed still resides in Maher falling into disrepair.

Mike Keller says...

On 01/16/20
at 11:23 AM

I’m sorry, hand-drawn maps of the period might be incorrect, but these are acts of the state legislatures, which were well-documented at the time and can be found in the state archives in Richmond and Frankfort, setting out the boundaries of counties and states.

Margaret Sayre says...

On 01/16/20
at 11:34 AM

Hmm i need to go to Frankfort well actually Lexington via Frankfort. I’d like to look and see what they say. Curious there clearly is a crossup somewhere and I’m curious to see what Frankfort says. The reason it stands out so prominently is the way the deeds were written that if to be sold must be offered to relatives before considering any other offers. Here a very poor resolution of Maher during 1977 ran out and the water covered the tracks and part of the hill. I covered my younger brother with me in a chicken coop under an old church on the mountain. At its worst it felt like we should have an ark because it seemed it was going to cover the mountaintops. My mom took this photo. I was 12 my brother was 5. Oops I’ll see if I can get the picture online it’s not giving me the option on this phone.

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