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Note: This discussion is related to the McKendree Hospital article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about McKendree Hospital

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Suzzette Katzman says...

On 09/15/18
at 10:14 AM

My great grandfather worked at Meadow River Lumber Co. Where a load of logs came down and crushed him. He was taken to Miners hospital no.2 in 1914 he died there. My question is, where would he have been buried? I can not locate his grave. Was there a cemetery ay Miners hospital no.2 or would they have sent his body back to Rainelle to Meadow River Lumber Co.? She had 7 little children so I’m sure she couldn’t afford a decent burial. Was Meadow River Lumber Co. Responsible for his burial? Would there have been a grave yard at Meadow River Lumber Co.? If anyone could please help with this information I would be grateful. Thank you, Suzzette His name was James Henry Platt. He died at miners hospital no2 March 24, 1914.

Mike Keller says...

On 09/17/18
at 09:10 AM

I would start my search with the West Virginia State Archives in Charleston. I found his death record in the Vital Research Records on the website. They incorrectly transcribed his death date as March 14, but in the image of the record you can clearly see it says March 24. It says he died at McKendree of a broken back, but it doesn’t say where he was buried.

Vital Records listing

Image of death record (He’s on row 9)

State Archives home page

I hope this helps a bit.

Suzzette Katzman says...

On 07/15/19
at 03:12 PM

Thank you Mike. I read in Melody Braggs book about Miners hospt. 2 the family or someone had 24 hours to claim the body or the hospital will bury the unclaimed body. If that’s true and his wife was 4 days from giving birth to my grandma and had 6 kids at home, I’m thinking she did not claim him, unless Meadow River lumber co. Claimed him and buried him in East Rainelle near their lumber co.? I would think there would be records of claimed or unclaimed bodies from the hospital.I see his death certificate was not completely filled out leaving me to think my great grandmother did not claim him. I’ll keep looking. Thank you.

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