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Letter: Not ready to change flags

Wheeling April 30, 1861
W. T. Willey, Esq.
Dr. Sir:
    I was glad to learn from Dr. Logan this evening that you are again safe among your friends.  The people of this county as well as those of your own are determined to remain in the Union at all hazards and will dare any thing and every thing for its accomplishment.  We lack [,]however[,] wise and prudent counselors and are without recognized leaders.
    How are we to accomplish what we have undertaken?  Will you not point out the way?  Many of us have looked to you for counsel and direction in the past and are almost doubtful as to the propriety of our position, unless we recognize you in the movement.
    I believe the people of the North West are ready for any thing rather than Jeff Davis and the Southern Confederacy and I should like to show those traitors at Richmond that... we are not to be transferred like the cattle on the hills or the slaves on their plantations without our knowledge or consent.
    We are to hold a public meeting in this city on the 4th... Will you not come down and consult with us?  The people will give you a hearty welcome... I am no speechmaker and I turn to you or Pierpont or both of you imploringly to come and help us out.
    The people here are ready and determined, and while they would not act rashly, will act resolutely.
    They have taken their stand under the "stars and stripes" and have no disposition to change the old flag for the new.
    Once more let me say come and help us lobby.

                                  Yrs. Truly,
                                 C. D. Hubbard

Letter from Chester Hubbard to Waitman Willey.