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Golden Horseshoe Quiz

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Are you smarter than the average West Virginia eighth grader? This quiz, with actual questions from past Golden Horseshoe exams, will test your knowledge about the history, geography, and culture of the Mountain State.

  1. These two men were shot and killed on the McDowell County courthouse steps by Baldwin-Felts detectives on August 1, 1921.
    1. Bill Blizzard and Fred Mooney
    2. Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers
    3. Frank Keeney and Sid Hatfield
    4. Bill Blizzard and Frank Keeney
  2. The oldest college still operating in West Virginia is:
    1. Shepherd
    2. Fairmont
    3. Bethany
    4. Concord
  3. The first person to demonstrate the use of a steam engine in a boat was:
    1. Michael Benedum
    2. Robert Fulton
    3. James Rumsey
    4. Peter Tarr
  4. Which West Virginia festival is held in Clarksburg every Labor Day weekend?
    1. Forest Festival
    2. Strawberry Festival
    3. Black Walnut Festival
    4. Italian Heritage Festival
  5. This woman became poet laureate of West Virginia in 1979.
    1. Louise McNeill
    2. Muriel Dressier
    3. Hazel Dickens
    4. Cynthia Rylant
  6. The Grave Creek Mound at Moundsville is a product of this prehistoric culture.
    1. Hopewell Culture
    2. Paleo Culture
    3. Adena Culture
    4. Late Woodland Culture
  7. This county is the largest in area in the state of West Virginia.
    1. Kanawha
    2. Randolph
    3. Pocahontas
    4. Greenbrier
  8. In 1974 Kanawha County was polarized by disagreement over the selection of:
    1. Representatives to the House of Delegates
    2. Members of the board of education
    3. Site for a new airport
    4. School textbooks
  9. What is the county seat of Braxton County?
    1. Sutton
    2. Gassaway
    3. Flatwoods
    4. Burnsville
  10. In what part of West Virginia did the first land battle of the Civil War take place?
    1. Droop Mountain
    2. Philippi
    3. Carnifex Ferry
    4. Harper's Ferry