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There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Test your knowledge about the state’s African-American history.

  1. This slave helped defend Fort Donnally in the Greenbrier Valley heroically during an attack by Shawnee Indians in 1778.
    1. Dick Pointer
    2. John Henry
    3. Martin Delany
    4. Peter Morris
  2. She was the first African-American woman to serve as a member of a state legislative body in the United States.
    1. Elizabeth Drewry
    2. Memphis Tennessee Garrison
    3. Mildred Mitchell-Bateman
    4. Minnie Buckingham Harper
  3. What town was home to West Virginia’s first African-American newspaper?
    1. Bluefield
    2. Harpers Ferry
    3. Welch
    4. Martinsburg
  4. What was the first college in West Virginia formally to train black teachers?
    1. Bluefield Colored Institute
    2. Storer College
    3. Sumner School
    4. West Virginia Colored Institute
  5. Which one of the following statements about aviator Marion County's George "Spanky" Roberts is true?
    1. As a test pilot, he broke numerous speed records.
    2. He served under General Billy Mitchell as an aviator during World War I.
    3. He was honored with the Medal of Honor.
    4. He was a member of the famous Tuskegee Airmen.
  6. The former state 4-H camp for African-Americans was named for which two prominent black leaders?
    1. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman
    2. Leon Sullivan and Henry Louis Gates Jr.
    3. Martin Luther King Jr. and Thurgood Marshall
    4. Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver
  7. Who was the first black woman in West Virginia to hold a high level state administrative position?
    1. Elizabeth Drewry
    2. Helen Dobson
    3. Mildred Mitchell Bateman
    4. Minnie Buckingham Harper
  8. Which one of the following was NOT a goal of John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry?
    1. Disrupt the Confederacy’s ability to manufacture weapons
    2. Seize guns from the armory and arsenal
    3. Spark a local slave insurrection
    4. Arm enslaved African-Americans
  9. Who was West Virginia's first African-American legislator?
    1. Christopher Payne
    2. Harry Capehart
    3. T. G. Nutter
    4. T. J. Coleman
  10. In what county was the African-American tuberculosis sanitarium located?
    1. McDowell
    2. Mercer
    3. Pocahontas
    4. Wood