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Geology and Geography

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Test your knowledge of the state’s natural resources and its geography.

  1. Where is the geographic center of West Virginia?
    1. Braxton County
    2. Clay County
    3. Kanawha County
    4. Lewis County
  2. What are the "Young Appalachians"?
    1. A 1950s movie about a band of outlaws from West Virginia after the Civil War
    2. A collection of rock and sediment that has accumulated since the last Ice Age
    3. A gospel singing quartet from Monroe County
    4. A mountain-building event that occurred 275 million years ago
  3. Which one of the following natural resources—found in many West Virginia caves— was used as a key ingredient in manufacturing gunpowder during the Civil War?
    1. Dolomite
    2. Guano
    3. Limestone
    4. saltpeter
  4. In West Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley lies solely in which one of the following counties?
    1. Berkeley
    2. Morgan
    3. Jefferson
    4. Greenbrier
  5. Which one of the following rock formations is NOT located in Pendleton County?
    1. Champe Rocks
    2. Seneca Rocks
    3. Trout Rock
    4. Pinnacle Rock
  6. What is Elkinsia polymorpha?
    1. A folk legend about the ghost like apparition of U.S. Senator Stephen B. Elkins
    2. A nocturnal marsupial found only in Randolph County
    3. A rare muscular degenerative disease first discovered in Elkins
    4. The oldest seed bearing plant in North America
  7. Miners have given this nickname to a dangerous geologic formation that increases the risk of roof falls in underground coal mines.
    1. Apple peeler
    2. Hotcake griddle
    3. Kettle bottom
    4. Teapot spout
  8. Where was the Guinness World Record set for “stalagmite sitting”?
    1. Carlsbad Caverns
    2. Cumberland Caverns
    3. Lost World Caverns
    4. Luray Caverns
  9. Which West Virginia River has two names?
    1. Gauley River
    2. Lost River
    3. Monongahela River
    4. New River
  10. What is the only natural lake in West Virginia?
    1. Beech Fork Lake
    2. Bluestone Lake
    3. Summersville Lake
    4. Trout Pond