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Hinton News

The Hinton News was founded as the Hinton Daily News on May 5, 1902, by John W. Graham (1867–1941). Graham was previously the editor and publisher of the Leader, a struggling weekly. The Daily News was known for editorials that pulled no punches, and on one occasion an editor was jailed for his provocative remarks during a railroad strike. The Daily News grew into the most widely read paper in the area, its readership spreading into surrounding counties. It became the weekly Hinton News in 1978 and is the only local newspaper to serve Summers County.

On April 1, 1922, Graham sold the paper to H. C. Ogden, the Wheeling publisher, and continued in an advisory position until his death. The newspaper’s present building was constructed by Ogden in 1926 and opened January 4, 1927. On April 23, 1947, John and Tom Faulconer of Hinton purchased the newspaper. They continued its operation until March 1, 1973, when they sold the Hinton Daily News to Charles D. Hylton, who named his son, Tony, editor and publisher. On June 2, 1978, the paper was sold to the Welch Daily News and because of declining local economic conditions became the weekly Hinton News, publishing each week on Tuesday. Today the Hinton News is owned by Moffett Newspapers. The newspaper’s circulation was 3,467 in 2016.

Written by Fred Long