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West Virginia State Bar


The West Virginia State Bar, established May 1, 1947, is an organization for lawyers, and every practicing lawyer in the state must be a member. The State Bar has an unusual structure, in part official and in part independent. It is part of the judicial branch of state government since it is an administrative agency for the Supreme Court of Appeals. However, it is organized as a nonprofit corporation, governed by a board of directors elected by its members. The State Bar does not receive any taxpayer funds, relying upon dues from its members and other private sources of income.

The general purpose of the State Bar is to advance the administration of justice and to improve the legal services provided to the state’s citizens, while also advancing the legal profession. The State Bar works closely with the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, the West Virginia University College of Law, the voluntary statewide bar organizations, and county bar associations. The West Virginia State Bar, through the Lawyer Disciplinary Board and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, is responsible for the discipline of lawyers.