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Barney Fife: Now listen, men, and listen good. There’s liable to be trouble out there today. We’re liable to have folks among us who are here for more than a good time, if you know what I mean.

Now the minute it looks like there’s gonna be trouble, we got to nip it! Nip it in the bud! You get that? Let’s here it!

Deputies: Nip it!

Deputy: May I ask something?

Barney: Badge number?

Deputy: (checks bade) Two.

Barney: OK, Two, go ahead.

Deputy: Are we gonna be armed?

Barney: No, I’m afraid not, gentlemen. I’m afraid there won’t be any time to educate you men in the proper use of firearms. Somebody could get hurt. You see, if you’re not familiar with firearms, these babies can go off. Now (gun fires)…uh, see what I mean?

Now I did that just to show you what could happen. That’ll be all, men. Ten-four.

Andy: Well, um, that’s all, boys. Let’s just get on out to the city line and welcome our guest of honor.

Barney: All right, let’s move!

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