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Type: Audio

Label West Virginia: A Film History

Media Designation DVD


Radio announcer: It’s Wheeling Steel! On the dawn of a new year, this is the Wheeling Steel Family Broadcast from the headquarters city of Wheeling Steel Corporation, Wheeling, West Virginia.

Narrator: On January 2, 1938, “It’s Wheeling Steel,” a live radio program from the Capitol Theater in Wheeling, premiered coast to coast on the Mutual Network.

Announcer: We extend also a hearty welcome to you other friends of Wheeling Steel, our customers and your families. For your enjoyment, “It’s Wheeling Steel”!

Narrator: There was nothing on the airwaves quite like it.

Announcer: Headliner appearances on these programs are made by members of the Wheeling Steel families or men and women right out of the mills, the factories, or the offices of the corporation. These are not acclaimed radio performers. Many in the course of these broadcasts will face the microphone for the first time. Others can claim a limited experience. In every case, their sincere efforts are to please their vast radio audience.

Narrator: Among the amateur stars were the Steel Sisters, a trio of high school girls, the Singing Mill Men and Sarah Rheem, the singing stenographer.

Rheem (singing): You’re a sweetheart, if there ever was one. If there ever was one, it’s you.

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