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The Events Tab

The Events tab shows users a calendar view of the current month. Calendar day that have an event, or many events, occurring are light blue. If the user lets their mouse hover over the light blue dates on the calendar, a hover dialog box appears telling the user what event(s) is(are) happening that day. Clicking a specific light blue date will cause a popup to be displayed listing all the events occurring on the page. If the user wants to see more information about an event listed in the pop up they need to click the event title, which will direct them to a summary page with the event’s details displayed.

Above the calendar, the user will notice two tabs labeled: All Events and Your Events. The All Events tab is selected by default when a user navigates to the Events tab. The Your Events tab requires a user to be logged into the Web site before they use it. On the All Events tab, users that are not logged in to the site can filter the calendar events by category when they select a category from the “Filter Events by” drop down list box. When a user who is logged in uses the site, they have the option to save categories to their account so they can always view their modified calendar. Users who are logged into the Web site will also notice they can see three tabs—the two listed above and one called Event Categories. The Event Categories tab will display the different categories the system has for events. By selecting categories on this page, the user can modify their view of the calendar so it only shows them the event in categories they have selected. Now that the user has categories selected, they can click on the Your Events tab to see the modified calendar, showing events only related to the categories selected on the Event Categories page.

Below the calendar, the user can see a list of events for the current month. Each event title is a link to that event’s summary page, which shows the user the name of the event, the event’s location, a description of the event, and any media or articles that have been associated to the event. Also, just below the calendar, the user can see the “Search All Events” search box which allows the user to search all the events currently in the system. Below the search box is the following message: “Sign in to suggest your event for our calendar!” The Sign in part of the message is a link to the e-WV site log in page. Once a user is logged into the site and on the Events tab, they will see that the above message has changed to the following link: Suggest a new event for our calendar. Clicking this link will direct the user to the “Suggest a New Event” page where the user can fill in all the details about the event they wish to add to the calendar. When all information is filled in the user can send the event information to the Content Administrator by clicking the Send Your Event button. If the Content Administrator approves the event, then it will be displayed to all e-WV site users via the Events tab.

Also on the Events tab, the user can filter all the events on the e-WV Web site by a range of dates. To do this, the user can click the Filter the Following List by Date Range option located on the right side of the page just under the search bar. This option will cause a gray box with filtering options to appear on the page just above the first event listed under the calendar. The user can select a start date and an end date before clicking the Filter Events button. Upon clicking this button the page will refresh to show the user any events that occur on or between the start and end date.

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