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Help Reference

The Features Tab

The Features tab gives users access to some of e-WV’s online features including the options to view new site content, take West Virginia Encyclopedia quizzes, and interact with timelines and maps. When the user navigates to the Features tab, they will be directed to the “More Encyclopedia Features” page. The user will see a list of links and options on this page, the first being the Find Out What’s New! option. This option will direct the user to the “Latest From the Encyclopedia” page where the top five newest items for each type of encyclopedia content type will be listed (i.e., Articles, Authors, Exhibits, Quizzes, Galleries, Media Files, Events, Opinion Polls, and See West Virginia entries). The user can click on the title of any item listed on the “Latest From the Encyclopedia” page to view the content’s details.

The next option on the “More Encyclopedia Features” page is the West Virginia Quizzes option. This option will direct the user to the “WV Quizzes” page where every quiz that is currently available on the e-WV Web site is listed. The user can either click the title of the quiz, or click on the Description option located to the right of the quiz title. Clicking the quiz title will direct the user to the quiz’s summary page where they can see the quiz’s description and the Take this Quiz! option. The Description option will display a popup to the user that shows the quiz’s description.

The option listed after the West Virginia Quizzes option on the “More Encyclopedia Features” page is the Forums and Discussions option. Although users who are not logged into the site cannot post comments to a forum, they can view forum discussions. Users who are logged into the system can post comments or new topics to forums on the e-WV Web site. When the user clicks the Forums and Discussions option, they will be directed to the “e-WV Forums” page where all forum categories will be listed along with their subcategories. To view the topics for a subcategory of a forum, click on that subcategory’s name. To see comments other users posted to a topic, click on the topic’s name.

The interactive mapping, timeline, and static mapping features are described in the following Help Reference sections: “The Features Tab: Interactive Mapping,” “The Features Tab: Interactive Timelines,” and “The Features Tab: Static Maps & Map Sequences.”

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