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The Exhibits Tab

An Exhibit on the e-WV Web site can be compared to a featured collection at a museum. After clicking on the Exhibits tab, the user will be directed to the overview page for the topic being presented in the current Exhibit. From the overview page, the user will be able to move to different content areas of the Exhibit by choosing a section. The user can choose a section either by using the links provided under the “Exhibit Sections” headings on the right side of the page, or by scrolling to the bottom of page and selecting one of the graphics displayed under the “Choose a Section by Clicking a Graphic” heading. From any section of the Exhibit, users have the option to explore “Related Exhibits,” “Past Exhibits,” or search site content by clicking on the name of a keyword that has been associated to the Exhibit.

Users who have accounts for the e-WV Web site and are logged in can see the Add to Portfolio option located on the top right corner of the page displaying the Exhibit. When the user clicks this option, the “Add this Exhibit to one of your Portfolios” heading will appear on the page giving the user the option to choose the portfolio they want to add the Exhibit to. If the user does not have a portfolio already created, they will have to click the New option to create a portfolio before adding the Exhibit to it. If the user has a portfolio they wish to add the Exhibit to, then they can select the portfolio from the drop down menu and then click the Save button. The Close option will remove the “Add this Exhibit to one of your Portfolios” heading and its associated options from the page.

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