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The e-WV Home Page (The Home Tab)

When the user first navigates to e-WV, the West Virginia Encyclopedia, on an internet browser, they will be directed to the Home tab. The Home tab has the following options that help introduce users to the encyclopedia:

  • Today in WV History – This option directs the user to an article that relates the current month and day to the same month and day in West Virginia history.
  • Take the Opinion Poll – This option allows the user to participate in the most current opinion poll and to view the poll statistics.
  • WV Weather Events in History – A link underneath the current weather directs the user to a list of historic weather events in West Virginia history.
  • Test Your WVIQ – Links to a list of all the site quizzes the user can take. Users can participate in quizzes without having an account, but they will not be able to revisit their results later if they are not logged in.
  • Support e-WV – Links the user to a secure Web site that allows the user to donate to the West Virginia Humanities Council with minimal risk.
  • Purchase the Book or DVD – The images of the West Virginia Encyclopedia book and West Virginia — A Film History DVD are also a link to the page which allows the user to purchase these items.

In addition to the above, the user will see the Sign In or Register option located on the top right corner of the page, six navigation tabs, and, just below the navigation tabs, rotating graphics that include links to encyclopedia articles. The Sign In or Register option will display a menu allowing users with a membership to the encyclopedia to log in. The menu will also show the Create a Free Account Now option for users who are not yet members to create an account. People wanting to create an account will have to provide their name, e-mail address, a username and password, and their zip code before clicking the Register for e-WV button located on the bottom of the page. Registration to the e-WV Web site is free.

The six navigation tabs, seven if the user is logged in (Home, e-WV A-Z, Exhibits, Features, See WV, Events, and My WV), are the user’s gateway to all of the different e-WV features. By clicking any of the navigation tabs, the user will be directed to another area of the site where they can view articles, associated media, timelines, maps, and calendars of events happening all over West Virginia.

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