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Note: This discussion is related to the Jesse Hughes article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Jesse Hughes

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Linda Sentelik (nee Gandee) says...

On 08/04/12
at 05:27 AM

As a descendant of the famous Jesse Hughes, it is with great distaste that I read this vitriolic article. It was obviously written with distain by a person who prefers to rewrite history to coincide with today’s “PC” standards. People like Dean are made secure by the heroics and daring of men such as Jesse Hughes who pioneered this wonderful country of ours, and then they have the audacity to judge their actions.

Tommy Cottrell says...

On 09/18/12
at 06:20 PM

I am a descendant of Jesse Hughes, and I agree with Linda. It seems as though every modern writer gets their Information from the book The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia and regard it as gospel. I might add that most all the settlers of that period hated the Indians, for they did not like having their loved ones murdered. If it were not for Jesse, his brothers, and others like them there would have been many more that did not survive.

cheryl ruby says...

On 06/19/15
at 02:06 PM

I am A descendant of Jesse Hughes, I also agree with Linda. Jesse Hughes was a pioneer and a hero to many.

Richard Hughes says...

On 02/26/16
at 07:29 PM

Jessie HUGHES , was a great contributor to the forward March of the western movement of American civilization! Those who teach in higher education and safety because Americans such as Jessie HUGHES fought to keep the pioneers moving safely westward! Those who enjoy the fruits of Americas fighters now in the. Safety of modern civilization and political correctness can articulate eluqualently about the evil of our forefathers,but when danger comes again our protection will come from people with the vigor of Jessie Hughes!

Richard Hughes says...

On 02/26/16
at 07:36 PM

I am very proud to be a direct of the heroic Jessie Hughes! Rick Hughes !

Rebecca Baldwin says...

On 01/04/19
at 07:05 PM

I am also a very proud descendant of Jesse Hughes and I agree with all of you. He was my 5th great grandfather. He wasn’t promoted to lead a regiment ‘probably because of his volatile temper’? but you don’t know that for a fact, why is it even written here? This is supposed to be reference material and therefore factual, or so I thought. The real story is that Jesse Hughes was instrumental in settling a wilderness for American civilization to thrive.

Rebecca Baldwin says...

On 01/04/19
at 07:29 PM

Also, in rebuttal to the ‘not an officer,’ this says otherwise: “Jesse [Hughes] may have been a subaltern in [William] Lowther’s ranger company in the early 1790’s, for occasionally he was directed to take men and scout the frontier.” Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography: G-O By Dan L. Thrapp, p. 690.

Rebecca Baldwin says...

On 02/12/19
at 12:55 AM

BTW, Jesse Hughes was “legally disposed of his land” because they built a road through it. Sorry to disappoint, but there’s nothing melodramatic about that. I think the author is going for sensationalism.

Rebecca Baldwin says...

On 07/04/19
at 05:17 PM

More rebuttal about Jesse Hughes not being an officer: "Order book No.1 of Harrison County VA records shows that Jesse was twice elected captain of Harrison County Militia and further shows that on May 17, 1786, “Jesse Hughes came into court and took the oath of allegiance and the oath of Capt. of Militia according to law”. Jesse seems to have been paid for his militia services in the form of a land grant, for he transferred 164 acres of land to Peter Hartman and 200 acres to John Waggoner on July 11, 1791. This land was described as being part of “…a pre-emption warrant of 1,000 acres No. 2411 date March 20, 1783, lying and being on Jesse Hughes Run in the County of Harrison…” Source:

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