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Mike Keller says...

On 06/04/10
at 11:02 AM

Mike has 5509 topics and 6 posts so far

Follow these guidelines so that we can have an efficient, educational and fun exchange of ideas and information.

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Mike Keller says...

On 06/04/10
at 11:11 AM

Mike has 5509 topics and 6 posts so far

The forum has a few simple rules so we can stay organized and get along.

1. Let’s stay on topic. The forum has topics so that we know where to go for a question or an answer, and if we wander off topic too much, it makes the forum hard to search, and it makes work for the moderators who have to move or remove the posts.

2. Let’s show some respect. Disagreements are expected, opinions are appreciated, and we all need to get along to have a good place to talk about things. So be polite. Rudeness is not tolerated.

3. No foul language. All ages are welcome here, so we need to use language that’s acceptable in elementary schoolrooms.

4. No spam. Spam includes posts that advertise as well as excessive and repeated posts about the same thing.

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