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Kristie Cornett says...

On 04/17/24
at 08:45 AM

Fleming Cobbs came to Kanawha County in 1789/90 with his uncle Thomas Upton who had two tracts of land. One at Davis Creek and one on the Upper Falls of the Coal River. Thomas Upton had begun improvements of his Davis Creek tract but the Kanawha Valley had been harassed by attacks from the Shawnee. He moved into Fort Clendenin where he died in 1794. He was unmarried and left his entire estate to his siblings and their children. Fleming Cobbs, his nephew, inherited the Davis Creek Tract. You can find his grave on the grounds of Little Creek Golf Course. He did not own Blaine Island, though it’s possible he used it and planted an orchard. Conrod Smith was the original patentee. On July 6, 1796 Conrod Smith was granted 65A on the 1st large Island in the Kanawha located about 2 miles from the mouth of the Elk River. On May 12, 1807 Conrod Smith sold to William Blaine 65A tract known as the Big Island in the Kanawha River 2 miles below the mouth of the Elk River. William Blaine built a tannery on the island and in 1821 he petitioned to have a dam and mill built. The Island was called Two Mile Island because it was located at the mouth of Two-Mile Creek and later became known as Blaines Island. Blaine Land Company sold the Island to Carbide on Jule 7 1927.

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