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Note: This discussion is related to the Hoopie article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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elaine burger says...

On 07/24/15
at 11:43 AM

There IS an old story around about the derivation of the WV title “HOOPIE”….and I willingly share it here: "There once was a Man from northern WV who took his Musket out into the woods to hunt a Thanksgiving Turkey. Suddenly he heard a rustling and got ready to aim…but rather than the desired Bird, he spotted an INDIAN in war paint. Instead of aiming, he scrambled high up into a tree, frightened beyond belief. UNFORTUNATELY that was the same tree the Indian chose to sit under to rest and fall asleep. Hours later he was awakened by what he thought was rain. Holding his hands out, he noticed the ‘rain’ drops had an odd color and a familiar odor…not of rain but something else! He stood up and hollered very loudly “WHAT? WHO PEE?”…it was overheard by another hunter passing nearby who ran back home saying he had seen a “HOOPIE” sitting up in a tree in the woods." …and now you all know the TRUE meaning of the name “HOOPIE”. eRb

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