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Biography of Amilton de Cristo

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Amilton de Cristo says...

On 08/25/14
at 10:41 PM

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Amilton Rodrigues de cristo, best known only as “Amilton de Cristo” is a Pastor, Lecturer and Brazilian writer born on February 19, 1978 in Bethlehem PA, the state capital of Pará city known as the birthplace of the Pentecostal movement in Brazil founded in 18 June 1911 by Swedes Daniel Berg and Gunnare Amilton and Son of Manoel Manito Christ (deceased), and Dona Teodora Rodriguez of Christ, a family of four sisters and a twin brother, was created Amilton most of the time in city ​​Mother River – PA, where he studied and grew, he also began early to work alongside his father and help in family, age 16 entered the world of alcoholism quickly becoming an alcoholic, was when he began to suffer spiritual pursuit what led you to seek God and then just convert to the gospel Assembly church of God in the church who was then pastored by Pastor Enoch Oak, Amilton was consecrated to minister the gospel to the office of pastor in Belem do Pará subsequently connected the CEADDIF and CGADB .Pastor Amilton pastored nine years in the Assembly of God in Belem temple. Amilton graduated in theology at the theological faculty of the Amazon and the bacharelou EETAD and also attended the course transcutural mission. In May 2011 he married – with Nara, In 2014 launched the book of his biography which recounts his esperiencias with Deus.Hoje Amilton pastor of Christ has served as national and international conferecista, has preached the word of God throughout Brazil and some countries the world has ever preached on national television to more than 100 nations, more than one million people have received their ministrations that are accompanied by signs and wonders, wonders his crusades crowds have gathered thousands of people have been healed and delivered through the power of God and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ has been glorified.

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