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Note: This discussion is related to the Fort Donnally article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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R. Don Wright says...

On 02/09/19
at 05:11 PM

MtDNA haplogroup T2b3-C151T

GedMatch T667027

ALEXANDER OCHELTREE, b. 1742 in Armagh, Armagh, Ireland, d. 29 May 1778 at Fort Donnally, Virginia. Married Elizabeth McCoy, b. 1750 in Greenbrier, Virginia, d. 29 May 1792 in Greenbrier, Virginia

ISAAC OCHELTREE, b. 1779 in Greenbrier, Virginia, d. 1828 in Greenbrier, Virginia. Married Hannah Louise Blake, b. 1794 in Greenbrier, Virginia, d. 1850 in Braxton, Virginia

HARRISON OCHELTREE, b. 12 July 1816 in Roanoke, Greenbrier, Virginia, d. 25 December 1871 in Flatwoods, Braxton, Virginia. Married Martha Diodema Clutter, b. 17 September 1817 in Pocahontas,Chesterfield, Virginia, d. 15 November 1908 in Newville, Braxton, West Virginia

REV. ISAAC CLUTTER OCHELTREE, b. 8 August 1842 in Flatwoods, Braxton, Virginia, d. 20 October 1897 in Sand Run, Upshur, West Virginia. Married Margaret Agnes Pearl “Poppy” Williams, b. 10 August 1842 in Virginia, d. 24 February 1886 in Upshur, West Virgnia

REV. CHARLES HANSON OCHELTREE, b. 4 June 1872, Weston Red Bridge Farm, Braxton, West Virginia, d. 13 June 1947 in Kansas City, Kansas. Married Katherine Elizabeth Ireland, b. 5 May, 871 in Leatherbark Creek Farm, Smithville, Ritchie, West Virginia, d. 10 January 1911 in Morgantown, West Virginia

REV. RITCHIE DON OCHELTREE, b. 2 October 1904 in Butler, Richland, Ohio, d. 17 December 1982, Seattle, Washington. Married Gertrude Elizabeth Boyer, b. 30 October 1903 in Centerview, Johnson, Missouri, d. 20 October 1996 in Seattle, Washington

REV. CAROLYN DONINE OCHELTREE (xxxx – ) the mother of


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