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Note: This discussion is related to the Rainelle article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Rainelle

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Michael Klein says...

On 04/11/20
at 10:51 PM

The caption of this photo is erroneous. The house was not the home of John Raine. It was the home of James M.(Mont) Raine, who was a nephew of John Raine. His father was T.W. Raine who was John’s brother and a founder of Meadow River Lumber Co. Mont Raine built this house in 1922 when he came down from Evenwood, WV when the mill in Rainelle was started. Mont was in charge of the railroad system of the company. His family lived in this house for some 40years, until his death in 1964. His daughter was Katherine Raine who was my mother. I had many enjoyable visits here as a child.

Mike Keller says...

On 04/13/20
at 09:05 AM

Thanks for your comment. The photograph comes from the Library of Congress and the caption we used is what they provided. This photo is at and comes from this survey which includes another elevation of this house. I’ll change the caption on our photograph, but you may wish to contact the LOC to see if the caption can be corrected there. This link offers ways to contact the LOC.

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