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Native Americans » The historic tribes

Solomon and Seaberry Osborne

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Melody Dent says...

On 10/08/11
at 05:18 PM

Melody has 1 topic and 2 posts so far

while,searching forums,I noticed MY Grandparents names mentioned,Solomon Soc Osborne,and Seaberry Arms,whoms family was on the miller rolls, but denied,theres alot of lost Native Americans in WVA,that will never be carded ones,I think people that dont know the history of wva,dont relize how many familys still exist,there the dying ones from the Trail of Tears and maybe beyond,who knows,MY Grandmother was raised in WVA,she comes from Those Osbornes,which by the way,I have saw there names on the Indian rolls listed under Ausburn,and Osborn,not the way we spell it today,I see people claimming Our ancestors as theres,and actually passing Our familys pictures around as theres,this is what,not being allowed to except OUR “own heritage” has done to Our own familys of Native Americans in WVA,but,WE are a Very proud bunch,I would like to Thank ,WEst Virginia Encyclepedia for ,giving my Family the opportunity to be Known,As Native Americans

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Aulda Serls says...

On 08/20/12
at 01:24 PM

Aulda has 0 topics and 1 post so far

Melody, My great grandmother is Osceola Osborne and my Grandmother is Fonda Hart. Also, there has been alot of postings that Solomon Osborne was 100% cherokee which is not true! I also have pics of Osceola and her husband Burl McComas which was Fonda Hart’s father. She had told me alot of history regarding Seaberry and Solomon. Seaberry was full blooded but Solomon was not. Aulda

Dan Cutler says...

On 03/05/14
at 02:20 PM

Dan has 1 topic and 1 post so far

Hi. Good luck with tracing your heritage. You may want to remember that WV was British when there was natives resident(legally). Also that most natives passed down geneology through the MOTHERS side until they became Christianized or wished to reflect that and acquired two English names, hoping to avoid removal.

Melody Dent says...

On 04/16/14
at 02:02 PM

Melody has 1 topic and 2 posts so far

Thanks, Dan, I needed that.Aulda,solomon was half Cherokee,and I have viewed the records,everyone of them,and,he was a guard on the trail of tears,I have many pictures of Osceola and Burl,and a few others.MY Grandmother was raised by John and Annie Osborne,there daughter ,Belva algenora Osborne boggs,stephenson,was MY grandmothers,mother.Bibb Osborne ,whom married,marilda neal,helped raise MY grandmother,whom can be found living with John and Annie,at five years old up in logan,on the census,her name was meryle rose Osborne brown Bullard,she married a Arlie {dick}Bullard,in wallback wva,I have there marriage licences,they never divorced,tho many will say that,but it never happen.I remember laying at night,traceing my Grandmothers nose,with my child like fingers,and saying to her,Mommy {she raised me,like her Grandma raised her}you look like a indian,she would look me in the eyes,and say,little girl,I am a indian,thats when she started telling me all,the things her family had went thru,being known as those Indians…lol funny cause,they all are so proud of their heritage,its not just us in wva,thats not excepted into the carded ones lifes,I could have been carded years ago,illiegally without my family,when I lived on a reservation,yes I found my family thru,all mismatched names but the first names never wavered,but,if one gets it,then we all get carded,thats how we are!I would never except our heritage or our history without all my cousins being excepted with me as awhole.Solomon mother sarah sizemore familys,names is on the old rolls,all of them,and,also back,before we were born,some of our family applied,including john henry Osborne solomons son,of course they weren’t excepted,its about politics and money,and casinos,its not solomons Grandfather wasn’t,indian,what MY Grandmother told me he was arogue indian,cherokee,but,he would NOT except the carded ways,and be a government mule as they say.I was told he smuggled left over Indians into the hills,in a wagon,and,they were called the white top indian,not the laurel white top Indians don’t know where that came from but,funny how people don’t like us,but steal our info online,and change it,its why we keep things secret,we are a strong bunch,and the women,may cry sometimes,but,not for long,we are the fighters in OUR osborne family,anyone and everyone that’s seen me,says melody are you a indian?my mind wonders back to when I traced My grandmas nose,and I say NO I am a person with indian heritage and history one of the lost ones,and all the records I have viewed of them,sizemores,osbornes,and the name was not sizemore,it was sycamore…..Aulda,I want to get to know you,and share pictures I have of Osceola Osborne and Burl,you can email me or write Vickie,or Neen, ask who I am….here is my email addy,,I have afb account twitter,but I prefer to share secretly not public,Thanks again Dan

Melody Dent says...

On 04/16/14
at 02:18 PM

Melody has 1 topic and 2 posts so far

Aulda I have Old Neds roll number,if they weren’t indian why the roll number,I have seen articals written about them,in okalahoma,way back late 1800,s,and,i have known for along time,ever since the vanns didn’t get excepted into the okalahoma bunch receintly,is due to they aint us…..dna has been taken of the sizemores,there Indians the ones that come from us,I don’t know about how the vanns in okalohoma started using us the sizemores,from the osbornes, as their relatives,we aren’t black!when I read they didn’t get excepted,I knew it wouldn’t be long until they started searching online for my son,or vickies,and,they did,we have to be careful this bunch of dna suffers,don’t get anything from us dna hair samples or nothing,they will use it to their benefit,not ours,remember,what would it look like if we were after all these 100s of years,what type of money could they give us?think about,what they would loose…and the embaressment for the carded ones.they could not give me enough money nor my cousins,nor could they give us our history back,what wedeserv to have,and no one should take anothers history or genealogy from them,its not right

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