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The Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Jan 07, 1865

Murder in Pike County, Kentucky, of Harmon McCoy is the oldest known violence between the Hatfields and McCoys


The hog-stealing incident and trial between the Hatfields and McCoys occurred

Other events that happened on or around 1878


Johnse Hatfield, Devil Anse's son, slipped away from election grounds with Rose Anna, Randolph McCoy's daughter

Other events that happened on or around 1880

Aug, 1882

Ellison Hatfield, Devil Anse's brother, was mortally wounded in a drunken brawl by three McCoy brothers

Aug 08, 1882

The three McCoy boys that killed Ellison Hatfield were tied to pawpaw bushes on Kentucky side of the Tug and shot to death

Jan 01, 1888

Devil Anse Hatfield instigated but did not participate in the nighttime raid on the McCoy cabin

Jan 19, 1888

Hatfields and McCoys fought a pitched battle at Grapevine Creek, near present Matewan

Feb 18, 1890

Ellison Mounts was hanged in Pikeville for role in Hatfield-McCoy feud

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