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The Washington Family

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

You know George Washington was the first president, but what else do you know about the Washingtons?

  1. In which West Virginia county are more Washington family descendants buried than in any other place in America?
    1. Grant County
    2. Jefferson County
    3. Lincoln County
    4. Jackson County
  2. Lewis Washington, a distant relative of George Washington, played a role in what historic event?
    1. Battle of Droop Mountain
    2. Dedication of George Washington’s Bathtub at Berkeley Springs
    3. John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry
    4. West Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1861-63
  3. Which of the following Jefferson County houses was NOT owned by a relative of George Washington?
    1. Cedar Lawn
    2. Happy Retreat
    3. Harewood
    4. Traveller’s Rest
  4. George Washington acquired his first land at which of these places?
    1. Mount Vernon, Virginia
    2. Washington, D.C.
    3. Washington, West Virginia
    4. Bullskin Run, West Virginia
  5. Which one of the following was the primary reason George Washington led an expedition to Point Pleasant in 1770?
    1. Conduct a survey regarding a possible 14th colony
    2. Launch a sneak attack on British regulars
    3. Oversee the construction of a fort
    4. Put down a Shawnee uprising against settlers
  6. What West Virginia town was established by George Washington’s brother?
    1. Berkeley Springs
    2. Charles Town
    3. Martinsburg
    4. Shepherdstown
  7. As a colonel in the Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War, what was George Washington’s principal plan for protecting settlers on the western Virginia frontier?
    1. Build a line of forts along the Allegheny Mountains
    2. Evacuate settlers to the east
    3. Send female spies to infiltrate the French high command
    4. Triple the number of Virginia soldiers on the frontier
  8. What future First Lady of the United States was married in George Steptoe Washington's Harewood mansion, located near Charles Town?
    1. Abigail Adams
    2. Dolley Madison
    3. Martha Washington
    4. Mary Todd Lincoln
  9. George Washington’s bathtub may be viewed:
    1. indoors, at Mount Vernon.
    2. indoors, at the White House.
    3. outdoors, at Berkeley Springs.
    4. outsized, at Mount Rushmore.
  10. Which of George Washington’s relatives owned land in the present Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia?
    1. Brother Charles Washington
    2. Brother Samuel Washington
    3. Half-brother Lawrence
    4. All of them, and others.