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Cities and Towns

There are 10 questions in this Quiz

What is special about West Virginia’s towns and cities? Find out here.

  1. Which city had the first radio station in West Virginia?
    1. Charleston
    2. Huntington
    3. Morgantown
    4. Wheeling
  2. Which West Virginia city was named for the first clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives?
    1. Beckley
    2. Lewisburg
    3. Martinsburg
    4. Parkersburg
  3. Which one of the following towns is NOT split between two different counties?
    1. Nitro
    2. Paden City
    3. Petersburg
    4. Weirton
  4. A picturesque landmark at Harpers Ferry is named for which of the following founders?
    1. George Washington
    2. John Adams
    3. John Hancock
    4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Which one of the following cities was the first in West Virginia to receive telephone service?
    1. Charleston
    2. Huntington
    3. Parkersburg
    4. Wheeling
  6. Where was the first bank in present West Virginia established?
    1. Charleston
    2. Martinsburg
    3. Parkersburg
    4. Wheeling
  7. In 1871, which one of the following established a West Virginia city that would honor his name?
    1. Alexander Parker
    2. Alfred Beckley
    3. Collis P. Huntington
    4. Zackquill Morgan
  8. What is the official municipal name of Berkeley Springs?
    1. Bath
    2. Glenwood Springs
    3. Red Sulphur Springs
    4. White Sulphur Springs
  9. Which West Virginia town was once described as "hell with a river through it"?
    1. Charleston
    2. Parkersburg
    3. Philippi
    4. Thurmond
  10. What was the first West Virginia city to establish a public high school for blacks?
    1. Charleston
    2. Huntington
    3. Parkersburg
    4. Wheeling