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There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Test your knowledge about the state’s schools and universities.

  1. Which one of the following colleges was NOT associated with a religious institution when it was founded?
    1. Alderson-Broaddus College
    2. Bethany College
    3. Davis & Elkins College
    4. Glenville State College
  2. Which West Virginia women’s school was the recipient of a performing arts center funded by Andrew Carnegie?
    1. Charles Town Female Academy
    2. Lewisburg Female Institute
    3. Morgantown Female Seminary
    4. Wheeling Female Academy
  3. What was the driving issue behind a pivotal convention of Western Virginia leaders at Clarksburg in 1841?
    1. Education
    2. Roads and other internal improvements
    3. Slavery
    4. Taxation
  4. By 1860, which of the following was the only institution of higher learning in present West Virginia?
    1. Bethany College
    2. Marshall College
    3. Rector College
    4. West Liberty State College
  5. What was the first college in West Virginia formally to train black teachers?
    1. Bluefield Colored Institute
    2. Storer College
    3. Sumner School
    4. West Virginia Colored Institute
  6. West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette was a landmark 1943 U.S. Supreme Court case related to what ritual of the school day?
    1. Praying in schools
    2. Reading the Bible in schools
    3. Saluting the flag
    4. Saying the "Pledge of Allegiance"
  7. Which one of the following Civil War era federal laws led directly to the creation of West Virginia University?
    1. Conscription Act
    2. Enrollment Act
    3. Homestead Act
    4. Morrill Act
  8. Jim Comstock founded which one of these?
    1. Concord University
    2. University of Charleston
    3. West Virginia University
    4. University of Hard Knocks
  9. The National Youth Science Camp is held in which county each year?
    1. Greenbrier
    2. Pendleton
    3. Tucker
    4. Pocahontas
  10. Which one of the following was NOT founded as part of the state’s system of normal schools for training teachers?
    1. Alderson-Broaddus College
    2. Bluefield State College
    3. Concord University
    4. Glenville State College