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There are 10 questions in this Quiz

Coal has been central to West Virginia’s economy for over 100 years. How much do you know about these coal-related events?

  1. Miners have given this nickname to a dangerous geologic formation that increases the risk of roof falls in underground coal mines.
    1. Apple peeler
    2. Hotcake griddle
    3. Kettle bottom
    4. Teapot spout
  2. Who was president of UMWA District 17 at the time of the 1921 Miners' March on Logan?
    1. Bill Blizzard
    2. Frank Keeney
    3. Fred Mooney
    4. John L. Lewis
  3. The first coal in the New River Coalfield was shipped from this town.
    1. Mt. Hope
    2. Prince
    3. Quinnimont
    4. Thurmond
  4. Which of the following doctors is NOT known for publicizing the dangers of black lung disease in coal mining?
    1. Donald L. Rasmussen
    2. Harriet B. Jones
    3. Hawey Wells
    4. I. E. Buff
  5. Which mine disaster led to passage of the federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act?
    1. Benwood
    2. Eccles
    3. Farmington
    4. Monongah
  6. The peak year for 20th century coal production in West Virginia occurred during which decade?
    1. 1920s
    2. 1940s
    3. 1970s
    4. 1990s
  7. Prior to the 1930s, what percentage of miners in southern West Virginia lived in towns owned by coal companies?
    1. 60%
    2. 70%
    3. 80%
    4. 90%
  8. In this 1968 mine disaster, six miners survived for 10 days despite being trapped deep in the mine.
    1. Blacksville
    2. Farmington
    3. Holden
    4. Hominy Falls
  9. What John Sayles film depicts a deadly event from the West Virginia mine wars?
    1. Blair Mountain
    2. Matewan
    3. Stanaford
    4. The Hatflelds and McCoys
  10. In 1955, Logan County surpassed which one of the following as the leading coal producing county in the nation?
    1. Boone County
    2. Fayette County
    3. McDowell County
    4. Mingo County