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Samuel Washington


Samuel Washington (November 16, 1734-September 26, 1781) was born at Pope’s Creek, Virginia. A younger brother of George Washington, Samuel was the first of several members of the Washington family to live in what is now the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. He moved to present Jefferson County in 1770, building the limestone mansion known as Harewood located near Charles Town.

Samuel Washington married five women during his 47 years and was widowed four times. Characterized by George Washington biographer James Thomas Flexner as ‘‘incompetent and improvident,’’ Samuel was a financial drain on his famous brother. In addition to Harewood, Samuel accumulated 3,800 acres of local lands, but was privately characterized by George as being ‘‘enormously in debt.’’ Samuel Washington served as a justice of the peace of Berkeley County, and later as the county’s sheriff.

Harewood was inherited by Samuel’s son, George Steptoe Washington. The house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, remains in the Washington family as a private residence.