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Blues Revue


The magazine Blues Revue, a popular blues publication, was published in Salem, Harrison County, for many years. It covered the full spectrum of blues, from traditional acoustic to blues-rock, jazz, gospel, and zydeco.

The magazine was started by Bob Vorel, a Chicago native who moved from New England, where he had worked as a marine surveyor, to a 170-acre farm in Doddridge County in 1984. For a few years he made furniture, then turned his attention to music and blues guitar in particular. After a friend suggested the idea of publishing a blues newsletter, Vorel started the Blues Revue Quarterly in his former woodshop in 1991. He overcame problems presented by the remote location of his office through use of computers, fax machines, the Internet, and e-mail. In 1995, Vorel increased publication to bimonthly and shortened the magazine’s name to Blues Revue.

In 1998, Vorel moved the magazine’s office from his farm to nearby Salem. In 2002, Vorel sold the magazine to Chip Eagle, who moved the operation to Bradenton, Florida, in 2009.


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