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Saddle Mountain


Saddle Mountain is the name applied to the section of New Creek Mountain that includes the distinctive notch or gap known as the Devil’s Saddle. The proper name of the gap is Dolls Gap.

A striking natural landmark, the saddle notch is located in Mineral County just north of the Grant County line in West Virginia. It is visible from afar and often photographed from U.S. 50, which passes several miles to the west. Dolls Gap is a dry gap or wind gap, with no stream passing through. While it was cut by an ancient stream in ages past, subsequent geological uplifting has raised the gap well above the surrounding valley floors. Today it indeed resembles a giant saddle carved into the ridge. New Creek Mountain continues in an unbroken line beyond the gap in both directions, enhancing the dramatic impression.

Dolls Gap passes through Saddle or New Creek Mountain at an elevation of 2,000 feet. Nancy Hanks, the mother of Abraham Lincoln, is believed to have been born in the adjoining valley, just southeast of Dolls Gap.