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Note: This discussion is related to the South Charleston article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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Carole Sierka says...

On 04/10/11
at 07:20 PM

I grew up in South Charleston, a few houses east of Davis Creek. I just read for the first time your history of the town, and I wish I had been told as a child about the stagecoaches that passed the site of my family’s home and stopped at the mouth of Davis Creek, right where my early childhood friend, Ellen, lived. She and I used to be told not to wander down to the point that may have been a landing site for boats. Her grandmother frightened us with a warning that a scary man was down there. I loved living on the Kanawha River, especially when my cousin would wave to me from the Helen Z, a paddle wheel boat, as it pushed barges up and down the river. Jenny was the boat’s cook. I can still see her waving a towel back and forth. With great affection, I remember the many wonderful people up and down the Valley, I commend your efforts to preserve the history of West Virginia.

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