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Note: This discussion is related to the Hamilton Hatter article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Hamilton Hatter

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Joyceann Gray says...

On 12/19/14
at 07:18 PM

Thank you for including Hamilton Hatter, but there was so much more to the man and much more to be told about his struggles as Principle for the first 10 years of the Bluefield Colored Institute. Much more to be told of his personal, political and professional achievements.. I do think he deserves much more than a few paragraphs.

Yes …Hamilton Hatter is my great grand Uncle! Feel free to contact me; Joycean Gray

Mike Keller says...

On 12/22/14
at 09:19 AM

Thanks very much for your comment. Can you direct us to any sources for more information for our files? We’ve already tapped the three below. Also, can you tell us if Mr. Hatter was born to free parents?

-Caldwell, A. B., ed. History of the American Negro vol. 7: West Virginia Edition. Atlanta: A. B. Caldwell Pub. Co., 1923.

-Reports of the Board of Regents of Bluefield Colored Institute, Biennial Reports. 1903-1906.

-Storer College Catalogs. 1877-1906.

Joyceann Gray says...

On 02/17/15
at 11:26 AM

Sorry for the delay in my response, I expected to hear back via E-mail. Additional information concerning Hamilton Hatter:

His father was enslaved by Samuel W. Washington. (according to property inventory) His mother was enslaved by Edward Aisquith. ( according to birth records of 1850)

Read more at 1- Http:/ 2- Bluefield State College Centennial History pamphlet 3- http:/ history of the American Negro 4- 5-

Joyceann Gray says...

On 08/08/16
at 04:25 PM

I made an error in my last comment, The father of Hamilton Hatter was Franklin(Frank) who was enslaved by Andrew Hunter, the prosecuting Attorney for the John Brown Trial. It was James Hatter, Franklin Hatter’s father that was enslaved at Harewood, by Col Samuel W. Washington.

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