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Note: This discussion is related to the Lilly Family article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

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Mike Keller says...

On 06/16/14
at 09:34 AM

This was received from Rosemary White:

I am the great-granddaughter of Robert Calvin “Miller Bob” Lilly and Virginia Gore. I have many Lilly photos as well as their family Bible. I’m in touch with Uncle Abe’s great-granddaughter in Connecticut; we’ve tried to manage a trip to the reunion, but it never seems to work out. I have posted many old Lilly photographs to my family tree “Eden’s Harvest”.

That three century nonsense is just that! Gustav Anjou was a fraud who charged Abe and friends five thousand dollars for that piece of fiction during the Great Depression. I’ve corrected most of it, but more needs to be done so tread lightly until I correct all that nonsense I unwittingly added without seeing past the more recent generations. The Lillys were English, not French. That’s another hole in Anjou’s “research”. I am returning my tree to public status so more family members can straighten out their trees.

The first Lillys to America did not settle in Maryland, a Roman Catholic colony. I am a Maryland resident and have confirmed with the state historical society that there were no Lillys on the Ark and the Dove voyage. If the society cannot confirm Anjou’s claims, how could he have found his “evidence”? All my research shows our Virginia roots.

My DNA test confirms my research. I hate to rain on your parade, but PLEASE correct this nonsense. What good can possibly come from this lie?

If you want more information, my email address is

Rosemary White

Rosemary White says...

On 07/17/14
at 08:47 AM

Abe’s son Goff was not an attorney. His brother Glenn was the attorney. Goff was a physician; he was also the state medical examiner for West Virginia. And he was my doctor when I was a child.

Rosemary White

Rosemary White says...

On 01/04/16
at 12:31 PM

One more thing: If my research is correct, I have the Lillys back to seventh century Normandy (France). We haven’t really been French since the 1066 Norman Invasion of Britain. We are overwhelmingly British. After nearly a thousand years, our French blood would be almost non-existent. I even had a DNA analysis which confirmed my research. There is one tiny percentage (less than one percent) that was not verified by country of origin. I’m guessing it’s the rumored Native American. Any French wouldn’t be enough to register, and my Lilly mother would have been fair like her sister and half-brother. Mother had almost black hair and the strange “gray” eyes that the Jamestown settlers found in the natives. I’ve seen those eyes on only one other person in my nearly seventy years of life. She was also of Native American descent. In contrast her “double first cousin” (fathers were brothers; mothers were sisters) had kinky blonde hair and blue eyes.

So how about being realistic about all this and just enjoy ourselves!

Rosemary White says...

On 01/04/16
at 12:39 PM

One more thing: if you go to my tree, PLEASE be careful. I still haven’t deleted all the mess from my initial eagerness to add as much as possible as quickly as possible. I’m trying to get to it in the next few months.

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