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Note: This discussion is related to the Gypsies article. Please read the article in full before contributing to the discussion. Thanks!

Comments about Gypsies

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kathryn stewartmcdonald says...

On 02/05/15
at 03:43 AM

Hello I was so happy to locate a source of information concerning the gypsies in West Virginia and wish to correspond with the author. I am told the gypsy tribe in West Virginia is now growing with member of their community leaving prison in Pennsylvania and finding work as landscapers in the capitol city before returning to their homes in the Southwest where they perform as fire dancers, the group has a new leader in his 20 s named Paul Z. a fire dancer, is this correct, could you point me in the right direction to find information about the murder trial of a man who claimed Romi affiliation in Princeton in 1995, there are stories that gypsies in Charleston are quite violent and are responsible for some brutality. Have you heard about this"? Of course one does not blame the entire group but they might also be seeking answers if their community name keeps coming up. Thanks Kathryn

Mike Keller says...

On 02/05/15
at 04:20 PM

Thanks for your comment. We’ll make Ms. Kraina aware of your interest in the subject so that she can contact you.

Erika Butler says...

On 01/10/18
at 04:13 AM


I’m interested in this article because my maternal grandmother’s family is from West Virginia and my DNA test surprisingly showed a significant amount of South Asian (Indian subcontinent) ancestry. As you may know, the Romani or Gypsies originally came from India, and looking at family photos of them I think Romani ancestry is credible. Is there anyone I can more specifically discuss this with? My family lived much of the time in Greenbrier and Pendleton Counties.

Thanks, Erika Butler

Sheila Powers says...

On 02/11/19
at 04:38 PM

Hi after reading this article, i am interested to know of any Gypsies camps in or around 1885 Р1900 , My Grandmother Mary Costello’s birth certificate states Charlotte, W. Virginia as her birth place. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sheio

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